The Aquatic Ecology Research Lab at TCU is operated by Dr. Matt Chumchal and Dr. Ray Drenner. We explore a variety of questions related to community and ecosystem ecology, fisheries, and ecotoxicology. Recently, most of our research has focused on ecological processes regulating mercury contamination of food webs.

In some of our studies, we use GIS and large federal databases to explore landscape-level spatial patterns of mercury contamination in fish. We also conduct experiments using mesocosms and hatchery ponds to examine ecological factors controlling mercury in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

We study mercury contamination of a wide variety of terrestrial and aquatic organisms including insects, spiders, fish, and birds in ponds at the LBJ Grassland ponds, large reservoirs, Caddo Lake, coastal estuaries and the Gulf of Mexico.

For more information about our lab, please visit the Aquatic Ecology Lab website.

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