We thank Kimberly Adams who developed this website.

We thank our collaborators who have played an important role in our research program. Co-authors on publications referenced on this website are listed below:

  • Mike Abel
  • Kimberly Adams
  • Frank Bailey
  • George Cobb
  • Pete Diaz
  • David Donato
  • Brian Fry
  • David Gay
  • Dave Hambright
  • James Kennedy
  • Chris Lehmann
  • Leo Newland
  • Weston Nowlin
  • Thomas Rainwater
  • Aaron Roberts
  • Phil Smith
  • Steve Wente

We thank our students whose research was the basis for much of our understanding of the mercury issues presented on this website. Student co-authors on publications referenced on this website are listed below:

Graduate students

  • Kimberly Adams
  • Bradley Blackwell
  • Gary Cocke
  • Frank Greenhill
  • Byron Henderson
  • Christina Jones
  • Taylor Jones
  • Cleve Powell
  • Mandy McGuire
  • Brent Tweedy
  • Eddie Williams

Undergraduate students

  • Ashlyn Courville
  • Yanci Deng
  • Matt Drenner
  • Charlie Gober
  • Meghan Lewis
  • Luke Lossau
  • Steven Osborn
  • Shannon Speir
  • Holly Whitt

We thank the Tarrant Regional Water District for allowing us to conduct experimental pond studies at the Eagle Mountain Lake Fish Hatchery.